MY BLOG... I decided to start one of these 'blogs' quite awhile ago, but I forgot what the URL for it was... I don't even remember who hosted it. Anyways, after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Karl set this one up at Bravenet, but it was removed because of the spam replies it kept getting. What can I say, Bravenet's a free service.

I've started one at when I actually start to post there, I will make the URL available at the top.

GENEALOGY... You have no idea how how hard it is to research my family background (actually my husband knows... his families records were all destroyed when the Allies invaded Germany in WW2), especially when you come across that one person who seemed to just drop off from the face of this world.

And... and... there are no records available (yet) to corroborate his existance... O.K., maybe you do know how hard and frustrating that can be.

That's some of the problems facing me when I decided to research the Swearingen line. First, I started at the beginning... Gerrit van Swearingen. This site along with will let you in on some of the obstacles I faced.

September 2005 saw another vehicle purchase... this time it was a 2006 Chevrolet HHR LT1... a Purple one... suprise, suprise, huh?

This one happened one Saturday, when we were heading to Costco, Karl said to me; "...let's stop off at American Chevrolet and take a look at that new HHR, and see how big it really is...", since the TV Commercials, at that time, said; 'It wasn't that big'. Well. it sure wasn't that big. They had a loaded one, a Silverstone parked by the showroom, and Karl said to the salesman; "...this would be perfect if you had one in Purple...".  Well, they did... and now so do we!

We love the HHR so much, we started an HHR Club called The Nor-Cal HHR Club.

KID'S STORIES... What you will find here is a culmination of my 'creative writing' throughout the years. I started these stories in the early 80's... and like all artists, I have more in progress. One story, 'How Big Is A Horse?' is one I hope to finish soon.

These stories were written from my personal experience as a young girl. I hope you enjoy them.

Welcome to my
The Dream Ride

"It was a perfect day. A warm-golden sun played tag with cool-green trees, leaving shadows dancing to music only they could..."

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Tomboy Queen

"Nonsense," her mother replied. "It's just a matter of practice," she added, tapping Patty lightly on the back, a reminder to..."

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"Oh, I didn't always hate summer. It started two weeks ago when Mary moved. Mary was my best friend and we had lots of fun..."

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