This page is dedicated to our past and our present kittens/cats. We're hopeless when it came to taking in abandoned kittens, or litters that were birthed in our yard... we're hopeless in that way.

Our current cats are Budda (a male Tabby/Maine Coon), and Gracie Sue Mittens Hemingway-Mesojednik (a Blue Cream Polydactyl).

This sweet-heart to the left is Gizmo, a female Orange Tabby. She was one of the two cats that I (Tricia) had before I met Karl. She left us around August 2002.

The Dream Ride

"It was a perfect day. A warm-golden sun played tag with cool-green trees, leaving shadows dancing to music only they could..."

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Tomboy Queen

"Nonsense," her mother replied. "It's just a matter of practice," she added, tapping Patty lightly on the back, a reminder to..."

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"Oh, I didn't always hate summer. It started two weeks ago when Mary moved. Mary was my best friend and we had lots of fun..."

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Purcilla, a Tuxedo Cat was originally called Chief White Paws, but we found out she was a she, and not a he.

She was a sweet-heart, (as are all of of our other cats), and she left us shortly after Gizmo.

Lucky Weeble our Long-Haired Black female with just a little patch of white on her chest.

She was interestingly named... Lucky because she was the only one who didn't set off the trap in our neighbors yard, and Weeble because, other than sounding  cute, she had a tendancy to wobble but not fall down.

We took her in June 2002 a few months before Gizmo passed away. We found a new home for her when we moved to Fresno in 2008.

This little trouble-maker is called Big Jake, Little Bits, Tomcat (Ret), Esq. B.J. for short. 'Jake' sounded like a tough name, for such a tiny little kitty... and 'Big' because... well he sorta walked like John Wayne. The gals at Dr. Pet Vet loved him when we took him in to get snip-snip-chop-chop.

They said it would mellow him out a tad... instead, I think he's more crazy. We've nicknamed him 'ADD Kitty' 'cause he seems to have a short attention span... in one of the pictures he thinks he's a newspaper. We got him August 2003, and he left us to be with Gizmo and Purcilla in 2013. B.J. was Karl's first pet he had from a kitten.

We picked up Little Mystery-Mae Boxer, well because she was cute and homeless... go figure.

We took her in around February 2005. We found a new home for her when we moved to Fresno in 2008.

Budda, our Male Tabby/Maine Coon is a retired racing greyhound in disguise. Also known as: Budda Boy; The Budda, Budda-Loo Whoo... among others, but he really only has one name, Budda. He grew up around two Retired racing Greyhounds, so like a little rat dog, he thinks he's just as big as a Greyhound.  He enjoyed playing with them so much, he would pounce on then and clench his jaw around their necks, much to the chagrin of the dogs.

We picked him up from Eric & Khristi in Fresno in the spring of 2006. because when our Grand-Daughter was born, her Doctor suggested that Eric and Khristi get rid of the pets (because our Grand-Daughter was a preemie).

And finally, Gracie Sue Mittens Hemingway-Mesojednik... a Blue Cream Polydactyl (a.k.a. Hemingway Cat) female.

We picked her up at the Cathouse On The Kings... a no-kill cat sanctuary in Parlier, Ca. Karl decided to go there and look for a companion for Budda, after B.J. left us.

Karl said that she reeled him in when he went to look for a male cat, and he constantly went back to her after she showed affection for him. We brought her home and it took about 2 weeks to fit right in... and we love her.