Ras All Khaimah Economic Zone is the platform that assist people to start their own business and flourish their companies with flying colors fast and efficiently. They offer different plans and packages to help them out. These plans are customized and cost-effective so that anyone could afford them and be able to buy them easily. They offer consultations and provide an economic zone and hub where you can trade for free of cost. Their plans include loans that can be paid easily because of the provision of large time, money which don’t have to give back and consultation or guidance.

Thus, you can take their help to start you’re your business or startup. For this, you have to issue business license. Usually, it is not easy to get that license but RAK can give you in THREE STEPS.

Step 1: First step is all about guidance and selection. You have to call at the company or go the office to know what the company says and decide what kind of license, legal entity and facility you want. The company offers different types of license in which Educational license, e-commerce license, freelancer permit, media license, commercial license, individual license, professional license, general trading and many others are included. A person can choose any of them and go for the license.

Step 2: In this step, you have to fill application form. The consultants will guide you how to fill the form. After filling the form, invoice will be sent to you on mail and you can pay the fees via cash, bank transfer, online or cheque. The form consists of all major and minute details. Therefore, the people are requested to fill it carefully or they would write something wrong or miss something due to which they might have to face the music.

Step 3: Once the form is filled and fee will be paid, license will be issued and provided with the bank letter. This license will give you permission to start your own business and startup anywhere in the place.  And once it is provided, the company will work to get you visa.

So, this the first steps towards starting a business. This step has further steps. Although, the process is complicated, RAKEZ make it easier and fine with its support and its simple and easy forms. RAK free zone company setup and a company formation at IFZA free zone can make everything easy.