Dominica is a mountainous Caribbean island nation. It is famous for natural hot springs and tropical rainforests. It is a famous tourist area because of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and this is the home to volcanically heated and active mountains with steam covered with boiling lakes. There are different parks which are encompassed of many Sulphur vents and it is the home to 65-meter tall Trafalgar falls and narrow Titou Gorge. The capital of Dominica is Roseau and this is also a famous city which is famous for colorful timber houses and due to its botanic gardens. The main GDP of this country is maintained by tourists.

But there are tourists who come back to apply for a full citizenship visa. With a country full and whole of natural spots, why would not someone want to live there. But other than natural aspects, having a Dominican citizenship have many advantages as well. As said by many investment programs that Dominican is the most trustable and peaceful country when it comes to getting their citizenship. If you get their citizenship, one of many benefits is that you will have access to 90 countries which will just require ticket because it will be a visa free country and among these 90 countries, it also includes; United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland. 

Every country in this world, when they provide the citizenship to any person, their law says that the person has to live there for some period of time, but when you get Dominican citizenship, the law doesn’t say anything about you staying in their country at all. If you want to keep the citizenship hidden or a secret, then Dominican is best at it because the country makes sure that the application process is completely confidential. People who prefer peace and simple yet advance living, it is recommended that they get the citizenship of Dominica because according to world happiness survey and report, Dominica is the world’s happiest place to live. To prove that, you can go on a tourist’s visa and see that people don’t seem like they age here and people who do go far than 100 years of age. Because it is as safe and peaceful country with pristine community and culturally vibrant and have friendly community. You can get Dominica citizenship from Dubai and Portugal residency by investment.