There are many different kinds of fabrics in the world which you can have as your bed sheets Dubai. People have different choices in this regard and you have to buy according to your body type and the ease of your sleep. You also need to take care about the weather because you cannot have all the fabrics in all weathers like if you have a velvet bed sheet then you cannot use that during summer or else it will give you hot flashes. To know more about different kinds of fabrics and their usage you need to continue reading:

Cotton: If you want to get the material which will work around the year then you have to go for the cotton material because you can use it in any weather. If you are using pure cotton then it is most comfortable fabric and you will not get any kind of allergy from using it. All you want to do is that getting the best quality cotton material. There are also fabrics available in the markets which are cheap and of low quality; you should not buy them due to many reasons. First reason is that colors of those bed sheets will get fade even after first wash and will not be able to use again, second reason is that they will be mixed fabric so you may get rashes from that.

Silk: If you want to show off your style and class then you can use silk bed sheets but they can be used only for a small time you cannot use them on daily basis. They will be so silky and smooth that you cannot sleep on them otherwise you will fell out of your bed. They are expensive so most of the people do not go for this option but if you are going to buy silk bed sheet then you need to have a big budget otherwise you will get low quality silk with no smoothness or shine.

Velvet: People who are living in colder areas will use this fabric for most of the time during the year because it will keep them warm even if they are not getting their heaters on. Other people will use it only in winters and velvet bed sheets with embellishment will look amazing when spread over the bed while guests will visit.

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