People who want to get admission in art courses in Dubai normally know about their kind of painting and art. There are a lot of different fields in the bigger field of art and people can choose which they like the most or in which they have interest. Some people will go for the portrait drawing in Dubai and others will go for the landscape painting. If you are more of a painting person then you need to know further about it and here is the basic information which you need to have:

Still painting: It is the most famous painting style and most of the schools take start from this type because it includes all the basic techniques which students have to learn. In this painting students need to paint within their classes and they will get any still object like glass so that they will learn how to draw and give shading for a more realistic look.

Live painting: It is also known as the landscape painting in which students will sit at an outdoor environment and then they will be given a task to draw and sketch something they find there like trees, road side area, garden view etc. these task are assigned by the teacher at the beginning and after few weeks students get the choice to draw and paint whatever thing they like there.

People who start painting will have many options to choose with which they can paint. They can use water colors or acrylics also they can use oil paints or gouache paints. They can choose from them according to their likes and dislikes but there are some people who want to experiment with different kinds so they can use different paints, it will also help them in realizing about their strength because after using different paints they will get to know that in which they are best and in which they can pursue further and adopt as a career. Out of all the students of art only a small percentage of people pursue art as their career because it is a very time taking field and it will pay off only a little unless you have enough money to exhibit your talent on a bigger level. That is why people often learn art just as a hobby to refresh their minds.