Getting an elevator installed is not an easy decision especially when we’re talking about home elevators. There are so many different options to choose from and even though the choice may depend or vary as per your needs and function, there are still pros and cons to each of those installations. Here is what you need to know about Orona elevators:

  • Roped hydraulic

Roped hydraulic seems to be a popular option amongst all the elevators as it uses a pulley system with hydraulic pumps and cables, offering a smooth yet slow ride to its users. One of the reasons that it’s loved most by the residents is because you don’t have to drill a hole in your walls, neither does it put strain to your property’s top level in order to make the structure work, which makes it not only cost effective but also easy to maintain as compared with the other installation options out there. Obviously, it has its cons such as energy usage but it’s nothing which can’t be solved with a little counterweight.

  • Overhead traction

This is one of the best elevator options which you can aim for due to several reasons. Overhead traction uses hoist ropes and counterweight – without having to install them separately – that can easily manage the load of the cab. Because the load is managed, it is obvious that the speed would be increased, and a smooth ride can be guaranteed with less consumption of energy. Downsides you ask? Its cost is one of the major difficulties faced by the users as it is not only the initial cost but also the maintenance which would require a lot.

  • Machine room less

If you are looking to save on the cost and space at the same time, then MRL might be the best option. It completely eliminates the machine room and instead its hoist stores contain all the mechanics. Because there is no machine room, you simply save a lot on the cost, but this also becomes its downside. When there is no machine room, it is going to create a lot of noise pollution as well as reduced load capacity. Whereas reduced load shouldn’t be much of a problem in residential places, noise is surely going to be.

There are other different types for commercial use as well such as hydraulic platform lift etc.