Ever thought that someone would come up and tell you that you need to stop drinking milk, what would you feel? Well we are one of those people and we have some solid reasons for that. The first reason is prostate cancer, this is the type of disease that has no cure and if there are, they are not every common and they are slow. There are many researches and conducted studies that confirm that prostate cancer is directly and indirectly linked to develop prostate cancer. But you must be wondering that why and how can this happen, even if you don’t drink milk. Well those reasons can travel to dairy products as well. This is because the milk undergoes many processes in different factories and industries which cuts the point of being natural. So, either you get it yourself directly from the farm because when the milk undergoes different processes, there are added many preservatives as well which are harmful for the human body.

People think that drinking milk can cause no harm but the fact is that there are many unfortunate people who are lactose intolerant. Which means that when some of these people drink milk, their stomach cannot digest it and it causes nausea, gas, cramps, diarrhea and even bloating. Even though many of us drinking it without any problem but at now time you will not know that when you become one of the intolerants. There are many people who have a lot of acne and they have tried a lot of treatments or visited many doctors but the acne won’t just go away. That is because of milk, many skin care hospitals have reported that when all things failed and people were asked to leave dairy products, after a week or so, they should some positive results.

Different diseases are also related to milk because when a cow or goat any milk producing animal is help captive. And it is continuously injected with different steroids just that the animal can make a lot of milk than usual. Then the animal produces stress hormones and because of these hormones, people get different types of diseases. That is why PETA is making sure to put a limit of liters from one animal and after the limit is over, it should be left in the wild. But you can get good condensed milk in Dubai and buy evaporated milk as well.