With the increased demand from the peers sometimes couples will g to get the gender selection treatment to get the baby of their desired gender. They should know about the gender selection cost in Dubai before they want that treatment because it is very expensive one and the chances of success are also very low. When you are a doctor and people came to you for this treatment then you need to do some important things which you can read the article below:

Counseling: You need to give them counseling by telling that it does not matter what is the gender of the baby. The important thing that matters is the health and well-being of the baby who is coming to this world and the well-being of the mother. If mother is healthy and happy then the child will be happy too and get good health and nourishment. If they insist on taking the treatment then the need of counseling is even more because you have to tell them about the success rate and that they should not have too much high expectation from the treatment. At the same time they even should not get discouraged and have hope of getting what they want. 

Encouragement: A doctor needs to encourage his patients in every situation no matter how bad the situation is. You need to counsel them and give them motivation. When the couple will feel motivated and get out of the stress then the treatment will show its effects in a positive way. You need to encourage them to eat healthy and to adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes the exercise and starting a good hobby to get their minds engaged all the time. When they do not get time to think negatively then they will get the best results for their efforts. If they will be in constant worry then they will never get what they want and also lose their money. Encouragement will be in a very positive way and you should not let the feel that you are advising them but you need to be friendly with them and then give them good and suitable advices according to their situation. You can encourage them to go to gym and do exercise or to go to a park for running and walk. They will get sunlight during walk and it helps.

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