Pune is a city in India and just like every city, it doesn’t matter that whether big or small, it has a history or some story behind it and Pune has some amazing facts which makes this city amazing too. And the first fact is about its name, Pune had many names before it was officially named in 1978. Pune was derived from the word Punya which means the conflux of two rivers, the name of two rivers was Muthi and Mula. Later it was called, Punaka Desha, Punekavadi, Punevadi and Kasaba Pune. Believe it or not but Pune is the most populated city in India and also, this is the second largest city in Maharashtra state. This is one of many cities which is also populated by people from around the world. Many people have a misconception that Pune is a boring city but since people from all over the world come here, Pune makes sure to make them feel like home and that is why some of the most colorful parties are thrown in this city.

This is the only city in the world where the three forces of a nation are trained together. This is called the national defense academy in Khadakwasla near Pune. The Army, Navy and Air force train here and the academy is said to be biggest in India, as big as 32 football fields. This city is the home of headquarters of the Maratha Empire. This city is the home of India’s largest prison, in local language it is called the Land of Yerwada prison. 

You must be wondering that why this prison is famous, well, this prison is famous because this prison housed some of the most famous freedom fighters like, Mahatma Gandhi. Pune is great of education and it has a great history as well, this is because, Pune is one of the oldest cities where the first school for girls was started in 1848. This school was started by Savitribai Phule and Fatima Begum and it was named Bhide-Wada that is why it is called The Oxford of East. You can hire some of the best immigration consultants in Pune.

This is only city which is divided into commercial and residence area. Which means that is this city is well planned and that is also why the living lifestyle of people is good and the properties are cheap as well. Go to this website and learn more about Pune.