When you are involved with quality management system there are many different things which you will be implementing in there. These different kinds of trainings are all related to ISO 9001 training and its different branches. There are two main kinds of training available – lead auditors training and internal auditors training. It is going to depend on you for which one to choose.

What basically happens in a lead auditor training is that the training session is scheduled for five days or so. The first quarter of the session would be based on understanding and explaining the clause, its implementation and effectiveness. The rest of the session would be all about audits, ranging from planning to preparation, opening meetings to closing them, conducting and following the audit trail to even reporting the follow up, everything will be taught in the session. Sometimes it is practical based which means that students or learners are given different kinds of exercises for role playing so participants get to experience what this really feels like.

At the end of the session participants are asked to clear a test which is mostly quiz based to test the knowledge of students and if they have been able to understand and absorb all the information that was taught all this time.

It is true that different kinds of training centers would teach you things different way, but the content would be same just the teaching method would differ. The basic idea of this course is to understand the auditing system so that individuals are capable enough to audit certificate bodies for different companies.

This kind of training is highly beneficial for those trainers who will be working and managing charts outside the company, but internal audits can also equally benefit from it. The teaching methods and content for both of the courses often align and one compliments the other but both of them has its own uses. The major different lies in the price of these two courses as one is expensive and extensive than the other.

As long as the eligibility criteria is concerned, you don’t have to be certified by one course to be obtaining for other. All you need is the determination and basic understanding of the process which will easily get you through.