We all know that the trend of recruitment agencies has been increased to a great extent. These types of companies not only work at national level but also at global level. So if you are running your company then you can also contact with these types of companies. So you can also find executive search firms in Dubai. But before this you must know about different types of recruitment agencies.

Executive recruiting firm:

If the company needs to hire executive level employees so these types of companies will provide executive level employees only. These types of companies work for all types of companies but they only receive application of executive level employees. These types of employees are also known as C-level employees such as CEO.

Temporary employment agencies:

These types of companies provide employees to the companies which are required on temporary purpose only. For example, the manufacturing companies need seasonal employees for specific tenure so these types of companies deal only with these type of employees only.

Industry specific recruiters:

Industries require different sorts of staff members so these type of companies provide staff to industries. They provide different types of staff members from skilled workers to executive level staff.

International recruitment agencies:

There are many international and multinational companies so they need staff from all over the world. So these types of companies work globally and they provide staff from all over the world. Just like international companies, these companies also work internationally.

Staffing agencies:

These types of companies provide staff to the companies. So they provide skilled and unskilled staff. Companies don’t only need professional employees only but they also need other workers too such as sweeper, cleaning staff etc.

Recruitment consultancy firms:

These types of companies offer services to the employees who want to hire employees on contract basis. It is most difficult to find these types of employees so these companies remain in contact with these types of employees.

Niche recruiting agency:

These types of companies hire specific type of skilled staff for the company. So most of the time, they deal with one type of staff only such as IT, retail, engineering etc. so only concerned companies do contact with these types of companies. For example, if you are running engineering based company then you will have to contact with engineering recruitment agency.

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