Trusting a barber is like having a bond with him. This is because the haircut and the beard are the only thing that make the shape of your face and brings out the personality in you. You must have seen those movies where the villain has a very grim look that is not only the makeup and the facial expressions, a lot of contribution is done by the way hair and beard have. And if there is a hero in the movie, he will have a nice and stylish haircut and a smooth skin with a unique beard style or no beard at all. So, having a good haircut matters a lot. Did you know that Jason Statham (Hollywood actor) was the first movie hero to start the trend of the being bald? And after that Dwayne Johnson also called The Rock (Hollywood actor and ex wrestler) any many others copied this style too.

So, you see why you need to pick a salon that is the best because it will bring out the best in you as well. The first tip of picking a salon is look around in your area. Since there is a lot of competition, don’t Google search. Do this search later if you don’t find a good one near you. So, coming back, if you see a salon that has a lot of crowd, well, there must be a reason, either the prices are low, the services are more or the services are best. It can be all of them, but always pick the one which has best services. Because there are many salons who lower their prices in order to attract more customers, but their services are poor. So, don’t take a risk with your unique looks and pay a little more to get the look you want. 

The best way is to ask your buddies and colleagues, there is always a guy in the office who doesn’t have a single extra hair, nor above neither below the neck or beard. And everything special about him is his looks, that is because he might be having a good barber, so, ask him. Also, select a salon that has a very friendly staff. You can visit any hair salon in tecom and go to different men salons in Dubai media city.