After a few months, the whole world will buzz about Expo and visit the world’s biggest festival.

Expo 2020 is business festival and the world’s largest exhibition that promote art, business, entrepreneurship, technology, traditions and hospitality. It is executed after every five years at the a specific country for six months.

The exhibition will be held in Dubai this year from October till April. Therefore, United Arab Emirates is busy in its preparation. There are so many advantages that the state is going to avail. UAE will get investments and large number of projects which will keep the country financially stable for five years after 2020, at least. Besides, the exhibition provides employment opportunities because people are needed to execute the event. There will be need of employees in all sectors. Some of the sectors which will be needing employees the most are:

Security: World’s biggest business tycoons, entrepreneurs, IT experts and artists will visit Expo due to which security will be needing the most. Therefore, there is need of large number of security personnel right now and during Expo to make the event successful. You can earn a lot of money through it because you have to work for more than eight hours. You have to wither stand at gate to check the people or roam around with celebrities to keep them safe. The task might be hectic or tough but you will be given guidance before giving you responsibilities.

Information Technology: The world run on digital platforms nowadays. Majority of the information of visitors and people are recorded in PCs and laptops nowadays. Therefore, there is need of IT experts and software developers who would be able to make software and application that would record the information of visitors and celebrities coming at Expo. The technicians and experts will be needed to handle the event because technology will be needed on every stall and stage.

Human Resource workers: If you have done MBA or BBA in HR then grab this opportunity and earn alot of money. Event organizers will need human resource workers and employees to make contracts and handle affairs of people hired at the time of Expo.

So, these are a few sectors which be benefit the most. Besides, real estate and construction will the sector that would get a chance to avail a lot of advantages. You can know more about employment opportunities by reading news about Expo 2020 or by reading Dubai and Ajman news.