There is a lot more to attempting a subject like CMA because it isn’t only the course outline which you will be judged and scored on, instead it is also the cognitive skills which an individual student must possess. Bing the best CMA training institute in Dubai, we would recommend you to focus on the following skills along with the course to make sure that you ace the exam:

  • Your ability to remember and recall previously learned material and course which is somehow incorporated in the exam is extremely necessary. So your knowledge in techniques, criteria, principals and procedures is vital. There is no other way to get through it.
  • Your comprehension abilities play a huge role in tasks where you need to focus on the given material and abstract the meaning from it so you could solve the further problems, classify and distinguish between them successfully.
  • The task of institutes is to provide you with the content and source, you need to focus on using that material in concrete and practical situations in order to predict, solve and demonstrate the related material.
  • A detailed analysis of the problem is important for an individual so that they can break down the parts of an organizational structure and recognize the correlation and behaviours that interact between one another. Judgment skills will also be counted here.
  • Your ability to approach a problem with a set of different ideas and operations that can help with the successful solution of the problem with ability to formulate hypothesis and combine the different chunks of knowledge will also come in handy in the exam.
  • As mentioned earlier, your judgement skills play a huge role in here which means that if you pay close attention to the problem and are able to deduce a logical explanation and reasoning, you will be able to move forward with an accurate justification and conclusion.

We believe, the above tips can also come in handy when preparing for ACCA in Abu Dhabi. The key here is to develop your cognitive skills in order to use the course outline smartly and learning the right way. Without them, you won’t be able to succeed practically.

Contribute some time for focusing on these things as well and you will be good to go.