The debate is long overdue and never ending when it comes to seeing if the Google ads is more effective or facebooks ads is. Well, before things escalate, let us remind you that these two platforms are completely different and while one benefit the other, you can focus on only one thing at a time unless you aim for USEO digital agency for your tasks. Keeping this in mind, here are the benefits of both of these marketing platforms:

Google Ads

  • Google has access to world’s one of the most precise key information because it is widely used by several users all across the globe and collects their data which can be used by the marketers in order to enhance their services.
  • With so much of information we see that google is also very effectively managing ads with advanced features that have a complex algorithm to bring ease to its users.
  • Google also has a very diverse platform which makes it easier to be have its hand and in every field and industry. Then whether it is about looking for users of ecommerce services or if it’s about looking for customers of an ecofriendly water bottle, chances are, the google has it.

Facebook Ads

  • Let’s take you into a customer’s mind Tset and imagine being a perfume lover. Even though you have a huge collection of perfumes you still won’t be making google searches for new and latest perfumes. But at the same time imagine scrolling through facebook and coming across your favourite brand’s products on sale. Which one would you prefer? This is how facebook ads are effective in alluring the customers without even letting them know.
  • Targeted audience can be one of the most precise tools of facebook because it is one of those platforms which every single person uses to share their updates and putting up check ins which makes it easy to target their interests.
  • In terms of price, facebook is cheaper than google which is why most of the small businesses aim for this marketing tool. There are a variety of options as well which makes it easier for you to budget your marketing.

The services of an SEO consultant Abu Dhabi is also one of the most useful tools of marketing which you should definitely look forward to incorporating in your marketing techniques.