How to remove lice naturally

Head lice are a common problem in men and women. Head lice are not harmful to the health, but their presence makes you annoyed and disturb. You always feel itching in your head that makes you weird in front of other people. While there are plenty of medications and treatments for head lice, but home remedies is a better option for you. From ancient days, people are using these remedies, which help them to get rid of these insects. However, there is no scientific proof that these products are beneficial for your health or not. Most people have faith in these remedies as they think that lice can be killed more effectively with eggs or certain oils. In this article, we will talk about home remedies and lice treatment in Sharjah that can help you get rid of infest and lice efficiently.

Anise oil:

One of the best home remedies is anise oil that gives you instant results and reduces head lice from your hair. Anise oil not only kills lice but eliminates their eggs. If this treatment is not eliminating the eggs of these infest, they will need to apply this oil two times a day. People who are looking for this remedy can find anise oil from local stores.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is also an effective treatment for head lice. But it provides more efficient results if you have dry hair or skin. Recent research revealed that people who have lice problems help you get rid of infest and their eggs with olive oil in a short-time. This oil can be found in local stores.

Olive oil:

Olive oil also provides potential benefits to people with infesting and lice. Moreover, it also prevents lice from producing in your hair again. People who are tired of having head lice can use olive oil to overcome this annoying problem.

Tea tree oil:

While tea tree oil is beneficial for many skin problems but it also provides the best results against head lice. You can use tea tree oil with lavender if you want to get a permanent solution. Most doctors suggest that you should apply this oil three times a day for more efficient progress.


In recent days, mayonnaise is also contributing to eliminate head lice on your head more effectively. The use of mayonnaise on hair kills the nits and moving insects and gives you relief from regular itching. This product is available in every local store.

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